NDP.view 2.5

Displays digital slide files, NDPi files and VMS files
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Examines details from digital slides at the same time and compares different stainings in the same location, also it synchronizes locations and magnifications of the displayed digital slides. It inserts arrows, drawings, and comments and measures the length and surface area of the specified point.

This program is a dedicated viewer for displaying digital slide files (NDPi files, NDPis files, VMS files and VMU files) that have been created on the Hamamatsu NanoZoomer system. The NDP.view2 program lets you open a digital slide file so you can navigate around the specimen as well as view the specimen at different magnifications. It displays multiple digital slides at the same time, opening up possibilities that were not available with traditional microscopes. You can examine details while maintaining a wider perspective, and compare different staining in the same location. The display locations and magnifications of the displayed digital slides can be synchronized.

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